Ric Dolphin is president of Dolphin Media, Inc. and the editor and publisher of Insight into Government, a weekly newsletter available by subscription. He reports on Alberta political affairs from the Alberta Legislature in Edmonton, AB, Canada.

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Premier-designate @RachelNotley suspends Calgary-Bow MLA Deborah Drever from caucus over Instagram pic. #ableg http://t.co/KJmxlZ9hLx


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Prentice performance panned

Hi Ric.
Just trying out your new page.
We're not sure if you saw the whole debate... Did you take a snack break some time? Because we saw Prentice being a real jerk... outright rude to Jean (turning his back on him - and Swann), and to Notley ... couldn't even pronounce her name right! His condescending Math remark was totally unacceptable! I don't think Prentice's Math was all that great in the debate either. 12% (12/100; proposed Corp tax) minus 10% 10/100; existing Corp tax) equals a 2% increase - NOT 20% as he suggested!
...Unless he is using the "guessing strategies" promoted by the current Inspiring Education experiment, that turns Alberta's over 600,000 students into lab rats (without parental permission).
... Makes me think of the "Grand Avenue" cartoon in the Journal where a kid responds to the question: Does the sum of six and seven equal eleven? The kid writes:

Anyway. Keep writing. Keep informing Albertans about the nonsense that passes for government, in Alberta.
Marion Leithead

Received on April 29th from marion leithead

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Week ending May 22nd, 2015 Vol 29, No 35

THE NEW MEMBER FOR CALGARY-BOW — Deborah Drever, the 26-year-old Mount Royal sociology student who defeated the Tory candidate by a percentage point on May 5, landed in warmish water for her Facebook posts including photos of her posing with marijuana t-shirt, wearing a beer-case mask, giving the finger to the flag, and, most controversially, posing for an album cover where a member of the heavy-metal band Gatecrasher appears poised to assault her with a beer bottle (far left). It was her “homophobic” post of Jim Prentice and Ric McIver (top right), however, that got her kicked off caucus.
You will find that the State is the kind of organization which, though it does big things badly, does small things badly, too.
John Kenneth Galbraith

Inside this week

Rachel sets the agenda for the next few weeks but gives few clues about the NDP legislative agenda. We extrapolate.
Debbie Drever, one of the callow young NDP MLAs from Calgary, embarrasses herself and her party with her Facebook photos
Lois Mitchell, a wealthy Calgary Tory, will be Alberta’s next Lieutenant-Governor. Is Rachel grating her teeth?
Plus: the perks a new MLA can expect; a Royal NDP wedding in Redmonton; Mason's winery must wait.

Top Story

Since winning gov’t on May 5, Rachel Notley has been fairly coy about what her gov’t plans to do once it seizes power, but this Wednesday she at least revealed the immediate schedule and dropped a couple of hints.Descending from her aerie on the top storey of the Annex building, whence she and her executive-council-in-waiting have been elevated (the less-exalted Dippers remain in their second-floor offices, aka Mouseland), Rachel held a press conference seemingly to allay concerns—promulgated by the Wildrose and other rascals—that the NDP was overwhelmed and disorganized…

Talk in the Corridors

In what one guest half-jokingly called “the first social event of the new order,” former NDP leader and current Edmonton Public School Board trustee Ray Martin, 73, was married to local artist Evelyn David last Saturday in a secular ceremony at Edmonton’s Riverdale Hall. The hall is a stone’s throw from the Sundance Housing Cooperative, something of a Dipper spawning ground, having been home to a number of Alberta NDP worthies including the first MP, Ross Harvey, and another former provincial leader, the late Pam Barrett. MLA and former leader Brian Mason, 61, (Edmonton-Highlands-Norwood) officiated at the wedding—widower Martin’s third—before about 100 guests, including…