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Alberta’s tough climate talk similar to policy missteps from the likes of Venezuela — and it’s being noticed


Think the #NDP aren't doing enough for pipelines? Read what @DeronBilous says about Energy East #ableg


Trudeau's message to Alberta: He might kill Energy East pipeline even if it's green-lighted by NEB. #ableg #cdnpoli


Remember how #bill6 amendments supposedly made it clear family members are excluded? Someone forgot to tell WCB...


Mayor @nenshi gives Vancouver's @MayorGregor a going away gift as Chair of the Big Cities Mayor - a jar of bitumen!

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Week ending January 29th, 2016 Vol 30, No 19

Alberta's Unlikely Pipeline Pal — CBC liberal satirist Rick Mercer surprised everyone (and upset his PC cohorts) with a "rant" this week attacking Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre for attempting to block the Energy East pipeline.
Let me tell you something that we Israelis have against Moses. He took us 40 years through the desert in order to bring us to the one spot in the Middle East that has no oil!
Former Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meier (1898-1978)

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Oilpatch apprehension disappears with the announcement of the new Royalty Framework, which looks quite like the old Royalty Framework
Byelection fever hits Edmonton's Ward 12 with a record-breaking 32 candidates
Charting the election donations to Alberta's political parties in 2015
Pipe dreams founder on the shoals of eastern politics

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Oh those rebellious teenage years: so little responsibility, so much ideology. Mom and Dad? Assholes. What do they care about saving the world? What do they know about life? Wage slaves! Reactionaries! We’ll be so different... But before you know it, they’re all growed up. A job, a marriage, a kid, tatoo removal, and Hey, Dad, could you recommend a good proctologist?Such are the Ages of Man and such was the nature of the transformation of the NDP gov’t this Friday when Premier Rachel Notley, looking kind of sheepish, finally released the long-awaited Royalty Framework…

Political Pulse

Never have so many people been on an Alberta ballot as have registered for Edmonton’s Feb. 22 municipal byelection to replace former councillor Amarjeet Sohi, now the federal Liberal minister of Infrastructure & Communities. Thirty-two candidates filed their nomination papers Monday, breaking the previous Alberta record of 22 in a Calgary municipal byelection.Why so many? Partly it has to do with…