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@BrianJeanWRP provides no analysis, cost estimates (even global cost estimates) to substantiate claims on efficacy of health plan #abvote


Don't underestimate the power of collective action. We must keep up this fight. #StopC51 #NDP #cdnpoli #RejectFear http://t.co/T5TEVAtCha


The Prentice Campaign:How NOT to Frame the Debate http://t.co/EWwr12OSOc #abvote #abpoli #abndp @RachelNotley @BrianJeanWRP @davidswann .


Alberta school boards to make joint statement today on #abed budget that doesn't provide funding for student population growth. #abvote


Expecting school boards to come out hard against #abed budget. No funding for projected enrolment growth of 1.9% or 12,000 students. #abvote

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Week ending April 17th, 2015 Vol 29, No 30

JIMBO IN THE ROUND — Prentice speaks at a carefully orchestrated rally of PC candidates and their volunteers in Edmonton last Tuesday. Note the backdrop of sign holders with the ethnic contingent in the front row.
That’s the trouble with a politician’s life—somebody is always interrupting it with an election.
Will Rogers

Inside this week

Going into week three of the election, the Tories face a headwind
The ignominious dumping of a popular candidate in Chestermere caps a bloody PC nomination season
A memo too far: Prentice tries to win union points by blasting a gov’t directive
Plus: A rundown of the main parties competing, the NDP targets Jack Mintz, Danielle plans her opus

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We ran into a middle-aged social worker, a 300-pound, ex-pat Newfoundlander, at the gym the other day who asked us if there might be some hope of an NDP sweep in Edmonton on Cinco de Mayo (a.k.a. election day). Might the winsome Rachel Notley and her motley slate of unionists, university students, and, yes, social workers even topple the Tory megalith and form gov’t, he wondered aloud, puffing and delving deep into moist crevasses with his big pink towel?There would, we thought, be a certain poetry in such an outcome, occurring on the anniversary of the Battle of Puebla in which the humble Mexicans kicked imperial French butt. And was it really so inconceivable? After all…

Talk in the Corridors

The vehicular choices of leaders in this campaign to an extent reflect the cash support available, but also carry some political baggage. While once incumbent premiers­—and the odd opposition leader­—flew around in planes supplied by supporters, the perils of that notorious aviatrix Alison Redford have grounded Jim Prentice, who is plying the province in a big leased 1997 MCI motor coach wrapped in Tory colours and featuring an image so high-def that one can make out the dandruff on his blue suit jacket.

Wildrose leader Brian Jean, while occasionally availing himself of a friend’s four-seater Cessna 172­—Jean’s in the final stages of getting his pilot’s licence—mostly travels in a…